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Family ChildcareObviously having someone in your family care for your child is potentially the cheapest form of childcare but not everyone has that luxury and sometimes it can cause frictions in a family.

The benefits are that your child is looked after in their own home or a familiar home and that the carer is someone who loves them like you do,  a family member will be able to follow your child’s routine, a family member can be flexible with hours and also care for a sick child, your child will develop a strong bond with the family member, your child may be able to have friends around to play, a family member may be able to take your child to mother and toddler or playgroup, a family member will be local to you and will be experienced from having their own children.

The downsides are that differing opinions on childcare can cause friction if the family member refuses to care for your child your way, an older relative may find keeping up with a caring for a young child exhausting, you may have to get a second set of baby equipment for their house, your child may not have the opportunity  to socialise with other children, it can be difficult to discuss problems with a family member, your family member may feel taken advantage of and this can lead to disagreements and falling outs which affect the whole family.

It may be beneficial for both of you if you make an informal agreement between you setting out hours, holidays and whether you pay them and how much.